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whats the deal with keywords

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by djpassion, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. djpassion

    djpassion New Member Webmaster

    all in the title i suppose. whats the deal with them

    some 10, some use 15, some use 30, some use 50 + lol

    also how about using upper and lowercase

    some do this for example

    DJ Music, mixes, Dance music forum, FREE DJ MIX HOSTING

    does it matter whether upper or lowercase?

    a lot say keywords dont even matter any more. if true why bother using them at all

    i used this tool to get the keywords for my site


    an heres what google come up with

    brixton,chicago dj,chicago house music,club dj,club music,computer dj,dance club music,dance dj,dance mix,dance mix cd,dance mix cds,dance mix music,dance mixes,dance music,dance music trance,dance music vinyl,dance party mix,dance party music,deep house music,digital dj,disco dance mix,dj,dj accessories,dj bookings,dj cds,dj compilations,dj dance music,dj equipment,dj forum,dj forums,dj funk,dj gear,dj lighting,dj mix,dj mix cd,dj mix program,dj mix software,dj mix station,dj mixer,dj mixer software,dj mixers,dj mixes,dj mixing software,dj music,dj music software,dj remix,dj remixes,dj services,dj shadow,dj slipmats,dj software,dj techniques,dj tiesto,dj vinyl,dj work,djs,electronic dance music,electronic music,euro trance,goa trance,house dj,house mix,house music,house music dj,house records,live music,mix,mix music,mixer music,mobile dj,mp3 dj,mp3 mix,music producers,nightclub dj,party dj,psychedelic trance,sample dj,speakers dj,techno,techno dance,techno dj,techno music,trance,trance dance,trance dj,trance mix,trance music,video dj,wedding dance songs,wedding dj,yoga trance dance

    how am i suppose to know which are the best keywords to use for my site

    i run the tool for my website, mp3 site, directory and forums and using so different keywords for each /directory

    can anyone shed some light to do with all this keyword stuff please! lol

    confusing as hell :eek:
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 17, 2008
  2. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    * Keywords are not relevant for Google, but they are relevant to some extent for other search engines.
    * Upper or lower case is not relevant.
    * The keywords/description you should on your directory naturally should be different from the one used in your forum
    * Its title tag of you site you should put a lot more care into creating, ensure you use keywords that are important to the particular page in the title tag.

  3. djpassion

    djpassion New Member Webmaster

    1. ok.
    2. thats what i thought.
    3. yes i do that.
    4. i have these for example

    DJ Passion Community - Home
    DJ Passion Community - Forums
    DJ Passion Community - Directory
    DJ Passion Community - MP3 Store

    by title tags you mean like that ^

    i think the main ones for my site are dj forums / dj community / dance mp3 store / dj directory

    think i should include them in the master title like where dj passion community is? from '-' the title just comes from the page name (automtaci).

    what you think temi. any suggestions would be appreciated

    or do you think ive pretty much done a good job already and that i just need to pick better keywords

    cheers chris
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 17, 2008
  4. djpassion

    djpassion New Member Webmaster

    forgot to mention... do you think i should include the keyword "Music" in the site title for all pages!?!?

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 17, 2008
  5. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    If you look behind the code that form your site, in the meta tags, amongst other stuff you should have something like this:
    The first one is what I mean by title tag, when you look at the top of this forum for example you will see 'Webmaster Forums UK SEO SEM Webmaster Community Forum' that is the title tag for this forum.

    Here is a suggested title tag for your main page:

    Title: DJ Passion - Dance music community MP3 store. Basically, find a way of using the most important keywords in the title tag, you can still add about 2-3 more words to my example.

    This post is old but most of the stuff there are still up today, have a look to get more ideas about elements of a page
  6. Chris Powell

    Chris Powell New Member Webmaster

    ok coool, cheers for the info.

    that suggestion for the main page is good but the main parts of my site is directory, mp3 store, forums and of course the website itself. trying to put them all to use in the title tag is tricky.

    DJ Passion - Dance music community, directory, forums and MP3 store

    see what i mean heh :(

    the info in the other thread is helpful too. thanks temi

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