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What's the worst thing someone has ever done to you?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by stephanie00, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. stephanie00

    stephanie00 New Member Webmaster

    I don't mean for this thread to be traumatizing or anything but it is intended to be a personal question.

    For me, it's being purposefully forgotten. Nothing has ever hurt me more in my life than being completely written off, like I was just a cigarette or something else easily discarded and walked over. It also came from a person I would have never expected to do so in all my years alive so far. It's taking everything I have to keep from losing my mind whenever that person appears in my head. I'll never forgive them for this because of how cold and uncaring they've been and I've never felt something so painful.

  2. Ryuren

    Ryuren New Member Webmaster

    aw, that's so sad, have a hug ~hugs~ x3
    Well for me it was, to put this simply... meet girl, fall inlove, her too, together for year or so, feels like soulmate, then dumps me and for no reason, not even another guy.
    but yeahh that took a long time to get over
    edit; 1 and half years to be exact! funny that, well I laugh now :p
  3. davidhussey

    davidhussey New Member Webmaster

    one friend of mine just told my parents about my smoking habit. very bad
  4. CraigEvander

    CraigEvander New Member Webmaster

    Well i remember that the worst thing that happened to me was the time i learned how to swim and it was done by my father (imagine that....)
    He took me to the middle of the water and i was looking at all the water around me. He said : "swim or drawn".
    So, if i'm still here to tell the story imagine what my choice was :p
  5. we are able

    we are able New Member Webmaster

    Stephanie you just wrote my reply for me.
    The only difference is im still with the offender as I cant break up my family.
    If we split she'll move back to her mothers (200 miles away) with my two girls.
    Its like a prison sentence until my kids are old enough to do their own thing and wont resent me for walking out.
  6. CraigEvander

    CraigEvander New Member Webmaster

  7. C0ldf1re

    C0ldf1re New Member Webmaster

    He had been my friend for years. He got desperate for money. He was too proud to tell me and ask me for money, which I would have given him. So he stole from me. And he was so ashamed when I forgave him, that he has kept away from me since. Sad...

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