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What's your favorite programming language?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Caliber, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Caliber

    Caliber New Member Webmaster

    Mine is definitely Java. It's pretty easy to learn compared to other languages, it's really widespread, and it's amazingly flexible. It surprises me how much you can create and change with a few lines of code in Java.

    I've only been learning Java for 2 years now, but I'm really looking forward to be an expert on it.

    So, what's your favorite programming language?
  2. Canadian Lover

    Canadian Lover New Member Webmaster

    I like PHP the best. I have used Viual Basic to program desktop software but work websites nothing beats PHP/MySQL. It's easy to learn, feature rich and supports as lot of databases. It's easier to develop a web site with PHP than ASP.Net or any of the other alternatives. Plus, it's open source.
  3. Spintax

    Spintax New Member Webmaster

    I'm old as dirt. Cobol is my very first languange. Sequential programming at its finest. The last time I actually used it was in 1999 and I still get inquiries and offers to do contract work :) It really is a piece of cake compared to all of the OOP you all whiz through today. I don't know how you guys and gals do it.
  4. Nymph

    Nymph New Member Webmaster

    For my favorite programming language, I will have to say PHP as well. It was simple to get into after a bit of dabbling in C and Java, with mysql as a favorite backbone to my scripts. I haven't really attempted anything else as there was no need to after gaining proficiency with the aforementioned.
  5. asniex

    asniex New Member Webmaster

    C++ is my favorite programing language because it was my first OOP language , it was really intriguing the more I worked with it , the more I wanted to learn. I also like C# and PHP.
  6. wasape

    wasape New Member Webmaster

    For me its Java, mostly because it was one of the first languages that I learn and I have done many projects using it in high school and University. Also, Java to me seems like the most easy to learn and handle with. Unlike C++ I had a hard time time understanding and use pointers during my learning period.
  7. protoboard

    protoboard New Member Webmaster

    My favorite language is Processing but I only use it for personal projects involving some kind of audio-visual experience. I love Processing, it's base in Java and in fact it is Java-made-easy so if I need to I can use any Java library to get things done.

    For the web I'm learning PHP and find it very easy and fun to work with. I'm liking it a lot. I have heard horrible things about PHP but so far I'm happy with it.
  8. Hanaseru

    Hanaseru New Member Webmaster

    I like PHP and C# the best.

    They both have similar syntax, but are used for different purposes.
  9. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy New Member Webmaster

    I started out in 1994 and my first application was on COBOL. I was a software developer and a trainer until 2007 when I migrated to websites and internet. So I have a wide set of favorites. But definitely, Sequential programming - C, Visual Basic and on the Internet- it has been PHP.

    These days, I am developing an ASP.NET based forum application for me and I find it a little odd using ASP.NET but it still seems so very interesting to me.
  10. sb123

    sb123 New Member Webmaster

    Mine favorite scripts are php and javascripts. Learning those scripting languages have been advantageous for my web designing work, especially when creating complex database-driven sites. Now, we are self-sufficient in creating almost any kind of website (HTML, WordPress, and Joomla based) for our clients, and that has saved us a lot of coding-related and outsourcing expenditure.
  11. TheDerpMan

    TheDerpMan New Member Webmaster

    Although I'd love to say Java, but due to recent exploits on client side of Java and oracle's terrible installer which pushes to install the Ask toolbar unless you are using the developer Java installer, I'm going to have go vote for C++.
    Even though I've only brushed the surface of the C++ programming language, due to C++ being an industry standard, I am really looking forward to mastering it no matter how hard the language seems.
  12. protoboard

    protoboard New Member Webmaster

    I have tried learning C++ before. I thought it was going to be a easy ride going from C to C++ but the thing is that C++ is a really complex programming language. It's hard to learn and hard to write code because you have to write tons of lines of code to get things working.

    I'm not saying Java is any easier but I did have an easier transition from Processing to Java. C++ is a language that I have yet to master.
  13. socialistkoala

    socialistkoala New Member Webmaster

    I have been testing Java, PHP , Python and Ruby and have found Ruby to be the best fit for me. The syntax is almost as if you would write an english sentence, it really is a beautiful language. I can enjoy PHP too but for some reason i just enjoy coding Ruby a lot more. :ninja:

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