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Which way do you find the easiest to make money online

Discussion in 'Monetisation' started by carlalexander, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. carlalexander

    carlalexander New Member Webmaster

    Since everyone is wondering if indeed it is easy to make money online, which way do you use to earn easy money online? For me I would say article writing where I can make anywhere between $20 - $150 per article. What's yours?
  2. moneyman

    moneyman New Member Webmaster

    I find pay per download sites easy to make money with since it is passive income. However, it is also easy to earn with pay per post sites and writing articles. However, I mostly focus on making easy, effortless passive income.
  3. Canadian Lover

    Canadian Lover New Member Webmaster

    Passive income is good if you can find an easy way to do it. There are many programs such as ThreadManager where you can make an income just by leaving the program running. In addition, you can invest somne money for more threads which means more profit.
  4. sb123

    sb123 New Member Webmaster

    I began as a freelance article writer. Lately, I was earning 1.5 GBP per 100 words, and it has been a continuous writing job for over 3 years. Since last year, I also began marketing my own product, which is gaining popularity among an offline business niche. I am very hopeful that this product will bring me fame as well as steady income. I am still writing articles as and when I find time to write them, or when a client needs them urgently. I still have a few old clients, who offer me writing jobs frequently.
  5. Rube

    Rube New Member Webmaster

    I have done some affiliate marketing and referral promoting, with a little success. I have set up several blogs and websites to do this, but I prefer to spend time writing content writing for other people and online publishers. This is what has made me the most money over the years, and I continue to earn passive income from articles I have written over the past five years for revenue sharing sites.
  6. winnifred

    winnifred New Member Webmaster

    I have made a little money doing surveys. My favorite is Mysurvey.com. I was a little skeptical at first, but they did pay me $10 for about 4 surveys. I tend to pick the higher point surveys. They do send me survey opportunities in my e mail almost daily.
  7. Nymph

    Nymph New Member Webmaster

    So many people ask this question and when people start shouting programs, it leads to more questions than answers. I'd have to say that the "easiest" way to make money depends largely on the person. It will be easy if you enjoy what you're doing. On a mechanical level, though, the "easiest" way to make money is a method that:

    One, does not have many steps to complete.
    Two, can be or is automated, and
    Three, does not require a lot of investment.

    There are a few methods like that out there that are sort of "out of the box thinking" once you read them. You just have to look in the right places.
  8. azlan

    azlan New Member Webmaster

    I think one of these methods you could be referring to is youtube to cpa. What others did you have to in mind? Although these types of methods can be hit n miss compared to the grunt type methods like article writing where you're essentially guaranteed a payment for doing the work.
  9. Viktori

    Viktori New Member Webmaster

    I think earning $20-$100 is pretty impressive. I earn most online from selling on Ebay. It's a little more effort than I would like to exchange for profit, but it works well enough that I am encouraged to keep at it until it pays enough for me to consider it worth my time and effort, hopefully sooner than later. I've also started a blog with Adsense on it, but I haven't made much from it.
  10. Nymph

    Nymph New Member Webmaster

    "Easy" is such a relative term, but I would have to say that it encompasses everything that is automated for passive income. Which, for me, would have to be Adsense and the CPA offers on my sites. The thing is, it takes a bit of effort in the beginning but after a couple of months, if you do everything correctly, it continues to make bank at a sustainable rate every month without having to put in so much effort later on. Some I haven't touched in a year and they're going strong.
  11. R.E. Danielson

    R.E. Danielson New Member Webmaster

    I think writing articles for content sites has been the easiest form of online income. Writing is easy for me, and after doing a little SEO and Amazon searching (for appropriate affiliate ads) it's all passive income. Also, sites like Swagbucks and Apps like Viggle help earn a few extra bucks a month, and I can just leave them running in the background wjile I do other work.
  12. rage35

    rage35 New Member Webmaster

    I am not good in writing so I would go for investments. I have earned a lot from investments since your money will just increase day by day without doing much effort. It's quite easy though you only need to risk some money in order to earn something. But this is not the only means of income I have online, there are a lot but this is somewhat the biggest earnings I gained through online.

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