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Who makes online marketing?

Discussion in 'Affiliates' started by kappa84, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. kappa84

    kappa84 Senior Member Webmaster

    I hope you'll find this usefull. :)

    1. First marketer is you

    Tell your friend about your website, write it on your visit card, announce your partners about its existence, put the adress on your car.
    After doing all this offline marketing, make a step-up to online marketing. Here, you must choose different channels to promote your website.

    2. Branding agency

    Choosing an independent consultant or a branding agency is necessarily if you don’t have the right expertise. Functionality analysis, optimisation for searching engines, graphical execution, posting your website in portals and technological tools are “one time” actions and must be done properly.

    3. Webmaster

    If you don’t handle the product’s online presence, then you must hire a person to handle the interaction between you and the clients. That person will answer clients’ needs and will operate the requests in a minimum period.

    4. Advertising agency

    In case you decide that a fast exposure to a certain segment of users must be done, you can buy online publicity (like banners) or contextual publicity (like sponsored links). If you don’t have the time to search for partnerships and negociate with each one, then “calling” an agency is necessarily. This will create the concept, determine your target and start a real campain, taking care that your product will be seen in the desired places.

    5. Freelancing

    I say freelancers to persons that can take care only some aspects of online marketing. Usually, their actions must be monitorised. In this category we can put advertising on forums, blogs, different promoters and webmasters.

    6. The website itself

    The website that presents your product, services, concept etc must have a pleasant design, must communicate to the visitors in simple language and must say “Come again.” That’s your only employee that works 24/7. It has a lot of marketing tools that will evolve in time: newsletter, RSS, interactive games, databases, analysis, statistics etc.

    7. You again

    All of your actions are marketing tools, so watch out what you’re doing, what and where you’re writing, because it remains online. Pay attention to what others think and say about you. All that you write down for online distribution or internal use must be unique and of good quality.

    I’ve noticed lately on different forums some “negative publicity” made by the owners, with websites that are crawling with spyware, designs that make you sick and lots and lots of “Vote this site in top…” pop-ups. Yes….that’s a very bad publicity. :D
  2. catches4u

    catches4u New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for share the great quality information.
  3. shinzo159

    shinzo159 New Member Webmaster

    Why are you asking on who does online marketing? Do you need an online marketer? Well, you should have know about SEO Marketing.
  4. cawn011

    cawn011 New Member Webmaster

    hey thanks for the information, for the approach just study on SEO marketing , it much easier and organize...
  5. Cryxellis

    Cryxellis New Member Webmaster

    Thanks for sharing it to us.. you are right the first marketer is yourself
    and the offline marketing is really good. And the rest should be work out
    on online marketing..

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