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Who or what do you draw your inspiration from?

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Helpdesk' started by temi, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    I find Paul's story fascinating, (http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=281#281) how he change his life around after an accident. One of my entrepreneurial inspiration is quite a funny one: Colonel Saunders of Kentucky fried chicken. I don't know if this story was true or not, I don't quite remember where I heard it, I think it was from one of Anthony Robins tapes.

    The story is that when colonel sunders retired (probably from the military) at age 65, he had this idea for a fried chicken restaurant but no money to start it, he armed himself with his recipe and set off travelling from one state to the next with the hope of finding a financial backer. The story continued that he went to over one hundred potential financier but none gave him the financial backing he needed, some even find the idea so ridiculous that they laugh at him, he never gave up until he found a backer. I would probably have given up after the 10th person say no to me.

    I'm sure you can work out the moral of this story yourself. We all know KFC is now a multi million pound (probably billions even) company with presence in almost every country in the world.

    So, what inspires you? share it with us in the hope that we may draw from your inspiration.
  2. FiveseveN

    FiveseveN Guest

    Inspiration... let me see. Well, it's not and accident or a famous recipe, I draw my inspiration from my everyday life: every single day I can't help but notice the incompetence and stupidity of some (if not most), and how faith seems to be at war with me. So what should bring me down only makes me stronger. Doesn't sound like much, but it stacks up. And, believe me, hate is the best fuel for thought and feeling there is; the main reason is quite simple: it's everywhere and it's free.
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator Webmaster

    With due respect I disagree with this part of you post "hate is the best fuel for thought and feeling there is; the main reason is quite simple: it's everywhere and it's free." You are quite right there are hatred about but I think there are more love and loving people around that the other people, it also depends on where you look and what you look for.

    You should perhaps try showing love and look for love and goodness in other people, you will be surprised what you will find.

  4. Patrick

    Patrick Guest

    yes i think i would agree with Temi. Love is also everywhere and free. I think you will find it to be a much more constructive force than hate.
  5. novocaine

    novocaine Guest


    inspiration.. from the world, from TV.. from thinking in the bathroom.. I don't have only ONE source of inspirations, you can find good ideeas in almost everything around you.

    Love is everywhere.. hehe.. :) you know temi. we have a song in Romania.. a quite famous one.. and the lyrics are something like this"
    "Where there is no love, there is nothing"
  6. Paul_KY

    Paul_KY New Member Webmaster

  7. Eric

    Eric Guest


    Ive seen those pics before, but I gotta say it again. Youve got a great fam bro. :wink:


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