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Why I recommend Cheap-Pvas Forwarded Number?

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by Napo leon, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Napo leon

    Napo leon New Member Webmaster

    Cheap-pvas.com provides complete solution for Craigslist Services. It’s brings you an affordable, reliable and fast call forwarding solution for forwarded to any US number/ US Skype number and to any email address.

    Cheap-pvas.com provide all type service related to craigslist our price is cheapest in comparison other craigslist service provider. Our service is according to customer which provides maximum satisfaction to customer. Craigslist is a place where many people visit daily Expand your business .We are the highly professional always give priority to customer satisfaction we understand customer need and our team try to solve as soon as possible.

    What choose us?

    • Our Phone numbers prices is the lowest in the market and with the Highest Quality

    • Cheap-pvas.com is an ideal solution to protect your privacy on Craigslist and create phone verified accounts at Craigslist to post classified listings.

    • We are leading name in call forwarding industry and very cheap Forwarded Number provider. You can get any USA State Phone numbers as you want and start dealing direct without any hassle.

    • At Cheap-pvas.com, we assure you to provide a reliable and cost effective call forwarding service.
    • Forwarding Phone offered by us 100% works with Craigslist any other website
    • Our team works closely with you to provide 24/7 personalized support and resolve critical issues.
    • Instant Delivery, Instant Funding

    Some Questions and Answers About our services.

    Q: Does your Forward numbers works with Craigslist Phone verification system?

    A: Yes it number Works 100% with Craigslist Phone verification

    Q: How long does a number last?

    A: 90 Days 120 Minutes Number

    Q: How long does it Takes before you deliver the numbers?

    A: Geo Numbers Takes up to 48 Hours.

    Random Numbers Takes up to 24 Hours or Less.

    Q: Do you offer FREE Replacement for non-working numbers

    A: Yes we will fix the non working numbers, or we will replace them free.

    Q: How much is your price per 1 number?

    A: 2.75$for 1 number

    Q: Do you Offer discounts for Bulk Orders?

    A: Yes provide discounts for bulk orders like bellow

    1 x 30 days Number = Price: 2.75$

    5 x 30 days Number = Price: $13.75

    10 x 30 days Number = Price: $25.0

    20 x 30 days Number = Price: $50.0

    Q: What's your Payment option?

    A : PayPal - Payza - Moneybookers - Western Union & Money Gram

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