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Why Not To Use 'Spam' Advertising Forums

Discussion in 'Forums' started by StevenF50, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. StevenF50

    StevenF50 New Member Webmaster

    This article is about spam advertising forums. These are advertising forums that have been left unmoderated and where people just post their advertisements for no one to read and sites with no community at all. Just people join post their advertisement and leave. You don’t want to promote on those sites. It really is a waste of time. I would say the only benefit is a backlink. People spend days promoting their sites on these promotion forums and then wonder why they have hardly any traffic. You need to join communities that will comment and view your advertisements likehttp://forumpromotion.net (You can find me as StevenF50 there). So remember use proper promotion forums like Forum Promotion.net not sites like this:http://www.thefreeadvertisingsite.com/ .
    Okay so my example: http://www.thefreeadvertisingsite.com/ Just take a look at this:
    Out of 40,123 topics in the Business & Income Opportunities advert forum there are 0 replies. All the posts in that section are topics. Same with Products & Services 67,056 topics and only 1 reply which is likely to be a bump. Stupid right? So don’t use sites like that.
    I hope this article helped you. If you were someone who wasted your time by promoting on these sites. Stop now and use promotion forums that help.
  2. Darthmaul

    Darthmaul New Member Webmaster

    Nice article, mate. I highly recommend FP as well, as I have used it for 3 years coming up; truly an awesome forum.
  3. StevenF50

    StevenF50 New Member Webmaster

    Thanks and yeah used FP for 3 years to.
  4. EdwardKingston

    EdwardKingston New Member Webmaster

    Thanks dude...I learned something new with that write up

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