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Why using text/html for XHTML is bad

Discussion in 'Programming' started by shaun, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. shaun

    shaun New Member Webmaster

    What usually happens to authors who decide to send XHTML as text/html
    is the following:

    1. Authors write XHTML that makes assumptions that are only valid for
    tag soup or HTML4 browsers, and not XHTML browsers, and send it as
    text/html. (The common assumptions are listed below.)

    2. Authors find everything works fine.

    3. Time passes.

    4. Author decides to send the same content as application/xhtml+xml,
    because it is, after all, XHTML.

    5. Author finds site breaks horribly. (See below for a list of
    reasons why.)

    6. Author blames XHTML.

    Steps 1 to 5 have been seen by every single person I have spoken to
    who has switched to using the XHTML MIME type. The only reason step 6
    didn't happen in those cases is that they were advanced authors who
    understood how to fix their content.cheers guys :)
  2. yourfreelance

    yourfreelance New Member Webmaster

    I didn't know that! thanks

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