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Discussion in 'Forums' started by Darthmaul, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Darthmaul

    Darthmaul New Member Webmaster

    Why do you go to forums? What is it about them that attracts you?
  2. StevenF50

    StevenF50 New Member Webmaster

    I dno really, I just like talking to people on a forum.
  3. EdwardKingston

    EdwardKingston New Member Webmaster

    I just visited to learn SEO tactics,
    Note : i visited forums when i was newbie.
  4. Mr.Panos

    Mr.Panos New Member Webmaster

    Good question! I really enjoy registering in forums, posting in forums! Is my hobby. I like communicating with other people, making new friends and learning new things. Design attract me too much. I have never been registered in a forum which doesn't have a good design.
  5. thebrad

    thebrad New Member Webmaster

    Same as mr.panos really i just enjoy going them and having big discussions or just trying to meet new people very social it is, but i think the funnest is owning your own forum i love to see new members join and then make lots of posts doesn't matter where they came from.
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  6. Spintax

    Spintax New Member Webmaster

    Why do I visit forums? To learn of course :). And to share what I've learned. Oh- and to compare notes. I've met some pretty awesome people on forums. And I've learned quite a bit too.
  7. thebrad

    thebrad New Member Webmaster

    I know i have learned so much grammar from forums its unreal :D
  8. Chynamp

    Chynamp New Member Webmaster

    I usually go to forums for information. It is a great place to learn from others experiences on different topics. A lot of time when I am looking for an answer to something online, I end up finding that answer on a forum. It is great to connect with other people with similar interests.
  9. Rube

    Rube New Member Webmaster

    I'm a big forum fan who has been participating in Internet forums for more than ten years now. I enjoy taking part in discussions, sharing knowledge and learning from what I read in forum threads.

    I started making money online with revenue sharing forums which, sadly, are no longer around or are no longer paying. At those forums I learned about websites that pay writers for knowledge articles. I joined a couple that were recommended by fellow forum members, and I continue to earn money at one website where I've been submitting articles for five years now.

    I visit several forums each day, to see what's new, so I can join in discussions and start new threads. I never feel I'm wasting my time when I'm interacting in a forum.
  10. Nymph

    Nymph New Member Webmaster

    I like to go to forums to see all the differing sentiments on a subject; sometimes opinions from many people can help you make a decision if you have a certain problem that the topic solves, for instance. Other times, it's fun and grants you a good feeling to share your opinion and your voice, although nowadays most forums are "cliqued" up, meaning that only a certain type of person will join them and share one kind of opinion, removing some facets of the creativity in responses and opinions you would get in, say, the real world. I only join forums where this is not the case, though, like this forum.

    The major part of forums, though, is the sharing of information through text. That's all. It's no different from discussing things on a social network or talking peer to peer through your phone or through instant messaging, save for the fact that posts are more thought out and organized, don't you think? There are many gems in terms of information on this forum, if you really need an example.
  11. strata12123

    strata12123 New Member Webmaster

    Conflict and diversity breed creativity.
    By conflict. though, I mean having constructive and fruitful arguments and two-sided discussions about a topic or a lot of topics. And of course, with a lot of people who come from different places and know different cultures and customs, forums become a really fun and interesting experience for those who are in them.
  12. Yorozuya

    Yorozuya New Member Webmaster

    A pointless question really... People go to forums because they want to talk to others :) (OR to start drama and/or raise their self esteem...) Forums are a great way for likeminded people to share their thougths and ideas on a certain topic, or to ask more experienced people about something they don't understand. I think forums are the best things on the internet (after the oppurtunity to make money of course :D ).
  13. mikong

    mikong Member Webmaster

    Forums are created to obviously stimulate those brain cells. They also creates an avenue for people who has the passion of writing as well as for those who wants to express what they truly feel without any prejudice. Although at forums everyone is a critic, nonetheless you can always negate any statements that you think is weak.

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