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Windows Vista Driver Issues

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by TeamPlayer, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. TeamPlayer

    TeamPlayer New Member Webmaster

    I bought a new Dell computer just recently. It had the new Windows Vista already built in. Now, that`s good in a way, `cos it`s right up to date. But, they forgot to produce drivers which actually work for the modem. So, be careful if you are thinking of upgrading to Vista.

    I had to buy a cd with a driver on it, but it doesn`t always work, and my Internet Provider says that it`s a country wide problem until things get resolved. Come on Mr Gates, pull your finger out. :roll:
  2. RiverWire

    RiverWire New Member Webmaster

    It isnt Mr gates you should be pleading with , its the rest of the computer firms that produce the hardware like modems etc, they are just not solving the problems quick enough and your ISP is to blame too.

    The ISP's keep blaming everyone else but them selves. Best way to solve the problem is not to use the ISP software and get your self a router.

    I would personally never touch any ISP software.
  3. TeamPlayer

    TeamPlayer New Member Webmaster

    About one week after purchasing my Dell the IP sent out a general notice to all its members about anyone thinking of upgrading to Vista. Basically the message was that as the drivers weren`t compatable it would be better to hold off getting Vista for several weeks. They were working on a solution at that moment, but hadn`t come up with anything guaranteed to work, and that all IPs were in the same boat.

    What gets me is how long they knew Vista was in the pipeline, in fact it itself was delayed by several months before its full launch. Bad planning by all concerned.

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