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WordPress Theme Submission Guidelines

Discussion in 'Advertising and Media Space' started by espmartin, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. espmartin

    espmartin New Member Webmaster

    Hello WordPress Theme developers. Please feel free to offer your WordPress
    Themes here. Please note, however, that we have specific guidelines regarding
    disclose as to any encoding/scripting markup.

    This WordPress Theme Submission Guidelines Sticky will be updated regularly
    to include any further UKWW guidelines. Please read and comply with all guidelines

    Begin Theme Submission Guidelines:
    End Theme Submission Guidelines

    Encoding in WordPress Themes has become very popular with theme authors,
    who encode javascript within the theme (typically the footer.php file) to maintain
    the backlinks to their sites. This is a "fair use" practice. However, there have
    been been blackhat techniques discovered within SOME encoded scripts,
    which will do SOME of the following:

    • Redirect Google AdSense publisher IDs to the theme author
      • They'll make money from YOUR clicks
    • Generate random backlinks from your site to sites theme authors chooses
    • Basically, do anything blackhat as author wants.
    There is a new WP plugin: Headzoo WP Anti-Wares - that will warn a WordPress
    owner about the encoding, and then dis-activate a theme found to contain
    encoded scripting. It does NOT determine if the scripting contains malicious
    motives, some warning is better than none.

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