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[WTS] 150 fresh DOFOLLOW blog comment links PR 5>4>3>2>1, review copy available

Discussion in 'SEO' started by primoto, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. primoto

    primoto New Member Webmaster

    I am offering a list of DO-FOLLOW blogs

    This is not a list of sites, which have DO-FOLLOW links on some page!
    THIS IS A LIST WITH PAGES THAT ALLOW DOFOLLOW LINKS IN THEIR COMMENTS SECTIONS (either within comment text or as value for authors website)

    * The list contains 150 comment page links from 78 unique domains.
    * The page rank of the comment pages is as follows:

    PR5 - 5
    PR4 - 49
    PR3 - 50
    PR2 - 33
    PR1 - 13

    * 60% of the pages have less than 5 comments, 10% of the pages have less than 10 comments, 10% of the pages have between 10 and 20 comments, the remaining 20 % more than 20 comments
    * The URLs are not taken from any other list that circulates around different forums - this is a completely new list, collected by me during the last couple of weeks
    * All the PRs are valid and are from the last PR-update
    * Some of the sites may require to register in order to post a comment
    * Multiple niches are covered (health, sports, games, music, video, photo...see sample file for details)
    * The list will be provided in an Excel doc with the following structure:
    - Category (defines the niche of the page, based on the content of the page/site)
    - Home page PR
    - Comment page PR
    - Comment page URL
    - Number of comments on the page
    - Rank (Ratio "Comment page PR"/"Number of comments")
    The file is sorted by the value in Rank descending
    A sample file (without the values in "Comment page URL") could be provided upon request

    * The sample file contains 10 demo links for FREE!!!
    * I will sell ONLY 15 copies of the list

    * 1 additional FREE copy will be offered to an experienced user (iTrader 10+)
    * 1 additional review copy @ half price for the first who request it (I will expect a review from him)
    * The list maybe offered and on other forums (the limitation of 15 copies is still valid ...)

    The price is 20$ per copy
    Payment via PayPal - bioxplorer@gmail.com

    Please, once again, note that the links in the list are not from my owned sites. This is just a list of links that I have collected during last couple of weeks!

  2. primoto

    primoto New Member Webmaster

    Review provided by Scutter

    Free Review copy provided to Scutter from WickedFire-forum

  3. mekongtours

    mekongtours New Member Webmaster

    Just take a little work you will find many pages.
    is not necessary to use $? I think people share is better.

  4. primoto

    primoto New Member Webmaster

    I wish you good luck, posting comments on those links that you have suggested... :)

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