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Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Jerlene, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Jerlene

    Jerlene New Member Webmaster

    I've been neglecting this site for quite sometime now and really have no desire to make it what it was before, so I'm selling it.
    There used to be a forum with nearly 6k posts but I took it down because no one has used it in a while and I never checked on it anyway.
    Not asking for much since I just want to get rid of it.
    When I was working on it all the time, it stayed at PR4 and 5. It had a ton of backlinks. Right now it has 8k backlinks remaining with a PR of 2.
    It brings in about $50+ from AdSense with almost 100 clicks per month.
    It has 7k indexed pages in a few search engines, more than 2k are in Google.
    Registered with GoDaddy till May 5, 2009.
    It's hosted on a dedicated server right now. I'll give the new owner all the login information and they can move everything to their own server. Sorry, I have little experience in this field and would be of no help.
    Traffic was incredible in the beginning. It stayed steady for a while but then I neglected the site and the traffic decreased dramatically.
    Even with me neglecting the site, it manages to get a minimum of 1k UV a month. [proof]

    Looking for a quick sale so mid to low 3 figures(via PayPal).
  2. SkinnerW

    SkinnerW New Member Webmaster

    Are you saying with ONE unformatted article page and removed forum it still brings $50/month in clicks???

    Also where those 7k indexed pages are coming from if forum is gone???
  3. Jerlene

    Jerlene New Member Webmaster

    The forum wasn't what was popular. It was just something I decided to put up for something else the visitors could do.
  4. hsc-online

    hsc-online New Member Webmaster

    pl send me URL details.
  5. Jerlene

    Jerlene New Member Webmaster

    URL details? What is that? All the details are in the original post.
    If you need anything else, send me a detailed and specific PM.

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