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WTS: Facebook RPG / Gaming Application Script

Discussion in 'Design and Development' started by mporgsoft, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. mporgsoft

    mporgsoft New Member Webmaster

    WTS Facebook RPG / Gaming App Script

    Two diff't Demos to show 2 different themes of many that can be created:

    - apps.facebook.com/haulroad/
    - apps.facebook.com/gamehunter/

    You can customize the script to any theme you want.

    The admin area allows for easy adding/deleting/editing of items/equipment and missions/jobs/quests.

    Make money from your application.
    The game currency used to get an edge over other players integrates with Offerpal. Gamers can either buy the game currency directly or complete surveys/offers. For every offer or purchase your users complete is income earned.

    You can even collect on the free players who do not wish to spend any money or do free offers. You can ad anything to the header of the game. Rockyou Ads or Google Adsense to name two that can supply you with income from players clicking on ads.

    Self Advertises.
    When a player makes a purchase of equipment or property in the game they will have the option to post to all their friends Facebook walls. This feature can attract many many new players as your game can go viral.

    Script Requirements (for hosting)
    Regular Shared Linux Hosting would be more then enough.
    1 MySQL Database
    cronjobs enabled
    1 url or you can use a subdomain of an existing url you already have.(your url will not be seen by the user when they are playing your app, they will only see facebook urls)

    --You Will Get The Full Script, Database and Complete Setup Guide/Instructions. Free install is also available.

    Price: $40.00

    Reply or PM me with any questions or to purchase.
  2. cybertrax

    cybertrax New Member Webmaster


    Have you a website I could look at so that I can get more info without having to actually add either of those apps? Im looking for more info such as how the apps are built, where pics are added, how flexible is it etc.

    Also, how would you like payment? Paypal?

    Many thanks,
  3. cybertrax

    cybertrax New Member Webmaster

    Had a look around the site.

    Interested in 3 scripts; Gift App for Facebook, RPG for Facebook & RPG for Browser.
    What is the price for all 3?

    You can either reply or PM me.

    Many thanks.

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