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Yahoo Answers Level 2 Accounts for Sale - Live Links - Less Competition

Discussion in 'SEO' started by zeroism, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. zeroism

    zeroism New Member Webmaster

    I realize I am new here, but I am not new to SEO. I only learn't about this forum yesterday and plan to make quite a contribution.

    I have just made a fresh batch of Yahoo Answers Level 2 Accounts and I am starting to sell them. Normally, it can takes weeks to get to level 2, but for a small price you can bypass all the BS. I currently have 30 and I sell them for 7 Dollars (if you buy over 5) and 7.50 for single accounts. (Others sell them for 8-12 Euro).

    All have a good mixture of Questions, Answers and 'Best Answer', to make them legit. All have been made from a different IP And can me put to work Instantly. I am from the UK and have been doing IM for 2 years, but it is only recently I discovered how to make them properly and how to make money from them.

    I personally like to keep it simple. I post 30-50 Keyworded Questions. And I answer them 3 hours later with my other accounts. I ping, RSS and Onlywire them and they are always on page 1 within 24 hours(max). Then I vote them all as 'Best Answer' and I watch the money roll in. I usually use the accounts for 2-3 weeks and then make more. I am also one of those rare people who actually likes answering and asking questions, which helps with the boredom factor.

    I genuinely have found no faster way of getting to the top of the search engines. You can literally be on page 1 in 10 minutes (not joke). It is also very ideal for Geo Targeted Offline Businesses. If you ask a question like
    'where can I find a good colour printer in Portland, Maine', I can virtually guarantee you will be on page one within one day. Add some high PR backlinks and you are in Business.

    Anyway, orders for this week are going to start now, and I will have a consignment every monday, ready for marketers. I would only buy one as a test. Anyone serious needs to buy at least 5. Trust me, if you don't take the piss and use your head, you can bank with yahoo answers.

    email websitefree@ymail.com
  2. zeroism

    zeroism New Member Webmaster

    When you are answering your own questions, leave it for a few hours until your question goes off the first page and many of those who would flag them will not see them again. I am 100% convinced, it is other marketers that flag them.
  3. MayaLocke

    MayaLocke New Member Webmaster

    Does Yahoo's ToS allow you to sell accounts? Never heard of that before...
  4. maria369

    maria369 Guest

    yes,never heared!


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